Refinance FAQ

Would you like to increase your spending power?
Are you looking to improve your financial situation?

Refinancing is an option you may want to consider. It often lowers your current mortgage loan rate. It will also allow you to consider changing the length of your loan, lowering your monthly payment, getting extra cash for home improvements, and rolling high interest consumer debt into the loan.

Here are some common questions and answers that can help with your refinancing decision.

Is this the best time to refinance?

Each homeowner is unique and Fink & McGregor helps you decide if it’s the right time for you to refinance. Let us help you today!

Will refinancing reduce my monthly payment?

Refinancing can allow you to lower your monthly payment which could in turn help to increase your monthly payment which could in turn help to increase your monthly cash flow.

Can I get extra cash when I refinance?

Yes! Refinance and use the cash for an addition to your home as well!

What will it cost me to refinance?

Refinancing costs include closing costs, points and processing fees. The option of rolling these costs into the loan amount is available and can eliminate any out of pocket expenses.

How can I find out more about refinancing?

Fink & McGregor is here to help you with any additional questions you may have. Email us at or call
801-264-9494  with your questions now!