Based in the Salt Lake Valley, Fink and McGregor have served thousands of customers in the home buying/refinance process since 2002! We are happy to help you lower your monthly payment, consolidate your loans, help buy a home, refinance and so much more!


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Mortgages Made Simple

At Fink & McGregor, we pride ourselves in making your loan process as quick, efficient and pleasant as a mortgage can be. This process starts with a thorough application, which helps us to determine the best way to complete your loan process. We work in the background for you so that you can go about your business while we get your loan done. You have things to do. We’ve got this.


We are not limited to one lender. In fact, we have access to dozens of different wholesale lenders, which gives us the ability to find the very best loan scenario to fit your individual needs. When you choose Fink & McGregor, we go to work for you, selecting the best mortgage lender and loan program that is tailored to your specific situation. That means better terms, better loans and a better experience.


We have qualified mortgage planners and loan officers on staff to help get you the best mortgage rate and help you save money. We can help you with FHA, VA, USDA, Conventional, Jumbo, and Portfolio loans. We know the pros and cons, along with the eligibility guidelines for all of these loan programs. This means we can make sure that your loan is the best one available for you.

Locally Owned and Operated

Fink & McGregor is a Utah company. We are not a branch of a large conglomerate. We get to know our clients. We have roots here and we know the local markets, from Logan to St. George. We are not just your mortgage company, we are your neighbors. This is why we are one of Utah’s top mortgage lenders.

Good Words. Good People.

“Jeff and his staff are great to work with. They were very professional, and seemed to be more experienced and knowledgeable than the other mortgage companies we were looking at working with. Highly recommend!”

“Thank you Fink & McGregor for working so hard on our refinance. We are very happy with our new lower interest rate and payment. We met with the title company this morning for our signing, and everything went smoothly.”

“Thank you so much for refinancing our mortgage so quickly and efficiently.  You are awesome!!”

“We had a great experience working with Fink & McGregor on our refinances. They were courteous and gave us great advice on how we should structure our loan.”

“Fast, efficient, and courteous with our loan application and process, it is our second loan with their firm and we are very pleased and will continue to use their service for all our mortgage needs.”

“I wasn’t sure I was even able to buy a house.  Fink & McGregor was kind and helpful and put me at ease. I hate buying pressure for anything. They showed me that I was in control and they were there to help guide me. What a great experience.”

“We have always maintained a great relationship with Fink & McGregor. We have always referred friends and family to this office. Very happy and supportive of this group!”

“Fink & McGregor team are great to work with. Very professional and courteous. They are very prompt and answered our questions quickly and precisely.”

“They were absolutely great to work with. Our mortgage was a bit of a challenge to say the least. But they never quit trying and completing our loan. It was a pleasure working with them.”

“The team at Fink & McGregor did an amazing job helping me through the home buying process. They were very diligent in following up with me to make sure everything was in place to meet my closing date.  I would recommend them to anyone buying a home!”

“Very clear and intentional— moved things right along. When we had concerns and alternate scenarios they took the time to evaluate and give pros/cons assessment of the options. Happy to have worked with them.”

“We’ve used Fink & McGregor for a few loans and we’ve always been happy with our experience and recommend them to friends and family.”

“We thought Fink & McGregor made the process simple and as painless as possible— just like advertised. Very happy with the service. Very courteous and professional and would recommend to anyone.”

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