Lower Monthly Payment

With mortgage rates at historic lows, now could be the time to evaluate your current loan to get a lower payment. A Fink & McGregor loan specialist can identify a Utah refinance program that will help you lower your monthly payment. Some programs we offer include:

  • Changing the term of your loan. If you are in a 15 year loan, a mortgage with a longer term such as 30 years, will reduce your monthly payment
  • Reducing your interest rate. Rates are at historic lows. Take advantage of these low historic rates and refinance today
  • Changing your loan type. For some people, adjustable rate mortgages make sense and can reduce your monthly payment.

At Fink & McGregor, we offer a number of popular programs that will help you reduce your monthly payment including:

  • FHA loans. An FHA loan offers borrowers a quick and easy way to refinance out of an ever increasing loan payment into a fixed rate mortgage that is backed by the government.
  • VA loans. Served in the military or the spouse of a service member? A VA refinance mortgage can offer a way for you to reduce your monthly payment.
  • 30 year fixed rate mortgages. If you have a shorter term mortgage (such as a 15 year mortgage) or an adjustable rate mortgage that is about to adjust into a higher payment, refinancing into a 30 year fixed rate mortgage can help you reduce your monthly payment.
  • Jumbo Loan. Have a big loan? We specialize in Utah jumbo loans.
  • Adjustable rate mortgages. For some borrowers, adjustable rate mortgages may make sense and offer you a lower monthly payment for a limited time.


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